Our Beer Lists

Mid Strength Lager

This Australian lager is crisp and clear with a refreshing clean white head and a nice golden colour . The perfect all round beer, when you want something that is nice and easy to drink.  Made on a base of quality malt without adjunct sugars.

ABV : 3.6%

IBU : 13.6

Eli Lager

Australian Lager with full strength, it is a nice clean, clear crisp beer that is light in colour and flavour.  Made on a base of quality malt without adjunct sugars.

ABV : 4.6%

IBU : 11.8

Hazy Boi Pale Ale

Our Signature Pale Ale

This beer has a complex blend of tropical fruity characteristics in its aroma, this is a result of the hops that are used.  Cloudy appearance from the brewing process gives it a smooth mouth feel.

ABV : 5.6%

IBU : 15.4

Berliner Weisse German Sour

This is a low alcohol beer, it is tart, and often served with a flavour added like Woodruff, Raspberry or Lychee. This beer is very pale in color, hops are not a feature of this beer. Carbonation is  high, adding to the refreshment factor to this beer. 

ABV : 3.3%

IBU : 4.3

Our Rotational Beers on Tap Now

All Beers, Ciders and Seltzers featured at Cauldron Brewing are produced on site. We maintain a small selection of staple beer styles and recipes that do not change as listed above. The remainder of our 26 taps feature a wide aray of international, historical and modern era takes of various styles that changes constantly.

The following list will give an idea of what you are likely to find on tap when you visit us, but is subject to change without notice as we rotate to bring you a great variety of tasty options. While we do our best to keep this online list up to date, do not be disappointed if one particular beer has run out for now. Some beers are seasonal releases, some are with us for several weeks, others might be a one off and yet others will be available only sporadically. 

With a 600 Litre brew length on normal brew days and with ability to have up to 14 different beers fermenting or conditioning at the same time, we’re able to keep things nimble and get beers to you fresh, and in their best possible condition.

Session Ale

This beer has a mild hop and malt character the same as a pale ale just with a lower alchol content, being hopped with Amarillo and Idaho 7, gives this beer a clean easy drinking session ale.

ABV : 3.6%    IBU’s : 22


 New England IPA has low bitterness in comparison to West Coast IPA variants. Featuring a mass of Oat Cream done on site on brew day,This beer looks like orange juice, smell and taste like fresh fruit salad with a huge dose of pineapple from a unique blend of  US and NZ Hops.

ABV : 6.5%    IBU’s :  30

Imperial IPA

Classic, old school West Coast IIPA, featuring higher bitterness and higher alcohol content.  This beer has strong hop character with citrus and a slight resinous character balanced by a full body malt beer.

ABV : 8%  IBU’s : 73

Hard Seltzer

Hard seltzer is a popular alcoholic drink that combines alcohol with flavoured carbonated water. Compared to many other alcoholic drinks, hard seltzer is lower in alcohol content.

Flavours available are Gin, Sarsaparilla and Melon

ABV : 4.5%